Violet Duncan is Plains Cree and Taino from Kehewin Cree Nation. She has toured nationally and internationally as an author, educator, dancer and storyteller.


Violet facilitates workshops to promote spiritual wellness & cultural education across the United States, Canada & Europe.

After becoming a mother of 4 and seeing the need for Native representation in literature, she took it upon herself to author three award winning children's books, I am Native, When We Dance and Lets Hoop Dance! Her newest book, I am Native, released 2020, shares a glimpse into the wonderful world of a multigenerational Native family. This book showcases beautiful imagery of family members passing down traditions in both traditional and modern ways. She has recently joined the family of Random House with two new children’s books coming out 2022.

She is currently the Indigenous Cultural Advisor at the Tempe Center for the Arts where she aims to create space for a permanent program of Indigenous performance and practice.

Some of Violet's accomplishments include holding the “Miss Indian World” title & representing all Indigenous people of North America. In 2013 Music video "Big Hoops" by Nelly Furtado as the Native American Fancy Dancer.